As usual, I, along with my good buddy Lance, made our annual treck to Carlisle for the 2007 GM Nationals. This was the very first year that we had great weather for the show. Every other year has been 95 degrees and humid, except for last year when it rained all weekend. Overall there seemed to be considerably less non-Camaro vehicles at the show this year, and the swap meet was smaller than ever. But, with around 600 Camaros in attendance, there was certainly plenty to look at. I tried not to take pictures of the same cars as last year, but still managed to find plenty of odd and impressive vehicles.

Swap Meet

The swap meet was smaller this year, but still had some interesting things. One car of particular interest was this beautiful green 69 Camaro SS, nicely priced at around $25k:

The other item of interest that I had to take a picture of at the swap meet was this amazing air powered chain saw, made by the Remington Arms company.

Car Corral

On Friday, along with the swap meet, we went through the car corral to see what was for sale. One big trend that we noticed this year was a return to normal prices for the old classics. Last year it seemed that everybody had Barrett Jackson Fever and was asking insane prices for their stuff.

Non F-Body Highlights

For the first half of Saturday, we walked around the non-Camaro portion of the show field. A lot of the vehicles were the same as last year, so I didn’t re-take the pictures. Here were some standouts from this year.

1st & 2nd Gen F-bodies

And now, on to the F-bodies. Since there are so few, I’m lumping all of the non-thirdgen cars together. Sorry 4th gen fans! There wasn’t anything particularly special this year, so I didn’t take any 4th gen pics.

That’s all until next year!