I made my annual pilgrimage to Carlisle PA for the GM Nationals show that is held on their 87 acre facility. Every year this show proves to be a lot of fun, and always full of a few surprises. This year the torrential downpours wreaked havoc on vendors and show cars, but fortunately, it held off during the day on Friday and again on Saturday. On Friday we spent our time in the swap meet area. Unfortunately, there were a lot less vendors there this year, and there wasn’t as much thirdgen content as in previous years. Still, there were some very interesting sights at the swap meet, most notably, this pair of 63 split-window corvettes for sale:

Swap Meet

63 split-window Corvette coupes for sale This pair was a sight to see. The one on the right was priced at a hair under $20,000. The body has been heavily modified, mostly with bondo. On the front end it’s easy to see where the bondo is well over .5″ thick! The interior had shag carpet and velvet seats, all of it in terrible condition. The car on the left appeared to be all stock, and in good condition, though every single piece would need major restoration work. He was asking over $45k for that one!

One of the nicest cars at the event was actually at the Keisler Transmission vendor booth, and not in the show itself. This early 2nd gen Camaro was exceptionally clean, and just a super nice car:

Car Corral

On Friday we also visited the Car Corral. This year, there were very few thirdgens for sale. The same ugly teal RS that was for sale for $9500 last year was still for sale this year, at a more reasonable, but still way overpriced $4500. For pics, check out the 2005 Carlisle page.

Camaro Concept Pics

In one of the buildings was the 2009 Camaro Concept. Yeah, everybody knows what it looks like already, but I couldn’t help myself and I filled up 2/3 of my memory card with pics of it. This car was the primary reason that I made the trip this year even though I’ve got other things that I should have spent my weekend doing. It did not disappoint me. The car is absolutely stunning in person. Here are a ton of pics for those that are interested. I tried to take some unique shots to show off highlights that other people’s pics haven’t shown.

Non F-Body Highlights

On Saturday, we walked through the show field. There weren’t as many cars as last year (likely due to the weather), but there were still a lot of nice cars. Rather than take pictures of them all, I decided to concentrate on the more unique or interesting cars, both the good and the bad. Here are the highlights:

That’s all until next year!