About Us

Do you really want to know?

Well, perhaps it’s obvious … you did click on the link!

Although we just started this site at the very end of 2000 (December 29th to be exact), our fondness of the Camaro IROC-Z has been around for years and years before …. well … probably since 1985! 😉 We hope to expand this site and dip deeper into more of the history of the International Race of Champions, that still continues today.

While those shiney new Camaro and Firebird Trans Ams keep showing up at your next door neighbor’s house, our IROC-Zs are slowly getting older and even ignored and neglected. Most really don’t understand the history behind what made the commemorative IROC-Z Camaro … and probably don’t care. Our goal is to show the internet world out there, that there are still people that care and want to keep the heritage alive.

Since the birth of IROCZ ONE .com, we’ve been working with the Jim Irace’s IROC-Z Homepage in efforts to join forces and make our IROC-Z site even better than before. After years of being here and have experiencing growth beyond our expectations … we cannot only thank ourselves … we provide a place to come to, our members make it what it is today.

IROCZONE.com, based on the fondness of the Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z.- “Often ignored, but not forgotten …” Thanks Florida Insurance Quotes