I figured I’d go ahead an post this little guide for those who still do not understand what’s involved in setting the kick-down cable for the automatic transmissions (700R4). The method I use is actually quite simple.

Some refer this cable as the “T.V. Cable.” Behind the throttle body, on the driver’s side, locate the cable running from the transmission to the throttle linkage assembly. You should see a “D” shaped button. This is on a typical TPI engine. Carb / TBI models may have a similar type of button, setup differently. I am unsure of the setups on these vehicles.

While pushing in the “D” button, pull back the cable until it stops. I couldn’t use both of my hands because I was using one for the camera.

You can either pull (like I did there) or push from the front. Once the cable is pulled back (towards the firewall) all of the way, go ahead and release the button.

Push the throttle to WOT (Wide Open Throttle). During this, you will see the cable clicking back forward. You should be able to just use the gas pedal. If the throttle linkage is not adjusted right, your car may shift late. In this case, you may have to use the linkage at the throttle body to push the throttle to WOT. I would also investigate a possible loose or misadjusted throttle cable to the gas pedal.