Ok folks here it is. I know, I Promised this a while ago but I finally did it.

Okay, first things first: what will you need?

  • At least 2 Car jacks…preferably more…trust me!!
  • 2 Jackstands
  • 2 long blocks of wood cut with one end at a angle so you can actually get the jack out from your car. THIS IS A MUST!!
  • A garage that is completely flat. Don’t dare try this on an incline!

The following tools:

  • 2 1/2 inch drive socket wrenches
  • 2 15/16 inch 1/2 inch drive sockets
  • 1 3/4 inch 1/2 inch drive socket
  • 1 Torx 45 socket in either 1/2 inch (a lot easier) or 3/8 inch drives
  • 1 5/8 inch 1/2 inch drive socket
  • 1 Big crescent wrench that will be at least as big as a 15/16 inch wrench
  • 1 1/4 inch drive socket wrench
  • 1 13mm 1/4 inch drive socket
  • 1 12mm 1/4 inch drive socket
  • 1 13/16 1/2 inch drive socket
  • 2 pry bars at least…try to get some of varying length’s/ thickness’s
  • 1 Spring Compressor. You can usually rent one from a hardware store.
  • 1 Drill, make sure its working good (may not need with some kinds of spring compressors)
  • 1 5/8 inch or larger drill bits (may not need also see above)

I might have forgotten a few minor ones but you should have them if you have got all the others already

All righty the first step is to drive your car up on the blocks…loosen the tires… Jack the front end up and remove your tires. At this point your car should look something like this:

Now lets go ahead and remove the BRAKE LINE from your STRUT. It Should take a 13mm socket on a small 1/4 inch drive wrench.

Now lets undo the STRUT to SPINDLE bolts. If you have the stock STRUTS, you will use the Torx 45 socket on the backside and a 15/16 socket on the front. CAUTION! The bolts are a pain in the ass the first time you try to break them. Spray some penetrant like ZEP 45 (best stuff on earth) and let them sit for a few before trying this. The bottom of the two bolts requires the crescent wrench to be used on the the front (facing you) bolt. Also note that the spindle will drop when you unbolt it. Be sure to support less your brake lines snap and that would suck.

Ok now that you have don’t that… Let’s compress our SPRING. Take your spring compressor and shove it up the middle of the SPRING and try and get it as compressed as possible…

Once you’ve gotten your SPRING super compressed. Take a jack (a car jack not a stand) preferably a small one to give the most playing area and put pressure on the A ARM. Once that is done it is Time to unbolt your SWAYBAR/WONDERBAR. There are two bolts on each side of the car….unbolt them and let the SWAYBAR/WONDERBAR drop down. Be Careful because when you do that it will make the A ARM take up all the pressure that is left on the SPRING.

Now SLOWLY….I MEAN SLOWLY let the A ARM down by lowering the jack. Once that is done…the SPRING should put out of its pocket up top and you can pry the bastard out with a pry bar to get the bottom out of its pocket if need be. Installation is the reverse of removing……hehehe easier said than done.

Now for the rear. If only the front were so easy…..All righty first things first jack up the rear on the rear end unit itself. Then place the jackstands on your rear subframe connectors or on the rear subframe itself. Then unbolt your PANHARD BAR.

Then lower the REAR END until you can take the SPRINGS out by hand

Replace the old SPRINGS with the new ones by hand. It might take a few tries but they should go right up in there.

Jack the REAR END back up and reconnect your PANHARD BAR.

Then lower your car and go drink more beer!!!!!!!!!!

Here is some more pictures of the old versus new springs

Here are some useful tips that I learned on my car:

  1. I found that the top of the spring compressor was striking the top of the seat when i tried to put the new springs on…so I enlarged a hole already there on the top seat so it could poke through and I would have no problems
  2. TAKE YOUR TIME. I can’t stress this enough people. Just take your time and think before you act.
  3. Wear Protective goggles and Gloves. My hands are probably permanently black due to the obscene amount of crap in your a arms.
  4. Get a few buddies over that don’t mind getting hurt. 3 heads drinking beer is about as good as one if you know what I mean.
  5. Be Safe. Always use jackstands and take appropriate cautions.