techartsfcs.html I recently had weld-on type subframe connectors installed on my car from Empire Motorsports. This page is a testament to why they are an absolute must-do mod for any Third Generation Camaro or Firebird.

What are subframe connectors?

Subframe connectors are simple 2 boxed pieces of steel that are welded or bolted along the bottom of the car to stop body flex. That’s it in a nutshell. Above is the best picture I have of my subframes. You can see the subframe, and how it runs along the bottom of the car. There’s not a whole hell of a lot to it.

Subframe Torture Test

To get underneath and take some pictures, and to fix an annoying exhaust rattle, I jacked my car up. Jacking the car up by the driver’s side SFC, I was shocked to see both driver’s side wheels come off the ground immediately. I, of course, had to get pictures to prove it. How many Third Gen can you see doing this?

After taking the above pictures, I put a jackstand on the car both front and back on the left side, because while the above sight amazed me, it worried me a little too. So, after the driver’s side was secured right by jackstands, I raise the passenger side with a jack. I was shocked more when the 2 passenger side wheels lifted off the ground, and then the car tipped forward a little so that the rear driver’s side of the car was no longer on it’s jackstand. So now the car was resting the vast majority of it’s weight on 2 jackstands with ease. This gave me another interesting picture of a “flying wheel”. Notice there is no support on the rear left wheel.

So now you have it. This “torture test” would have bent a normal framed Third Gen into a pretzel and completely destroyed the car, but mine’s 100% (and then some). Go buy some SFC’s!