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400 HP 350 TPI SETUP!

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Im going to be rebuilding my engine pretty soon and i want 400CHP

so this is my setup, please feel free to criticize and make suggestions.

350 4 bolt main 1 piece Rear main seal
Bored .06 over
Eagle forged rotating assembly 3.75 crank, 6.0 H-beam rods, +5cc 2 valve relief pistons (PN B12111060)
AFR 195s W/ 65cc, will support a .600 lift cam
Comp Cam: 07-466-8, 218/224, .570/.565, 113 LSA, hardened pushrods, 1.6 roller rockers
Ported stock manifold, ported SLP runners, Plenum matched to runners and matched to a 52mm TB w/ airfoil
24 LB injectors
SMOG delete
MAF screens deleted/ custom ram air intake W/ K&N filters
Dyno Don headers W/ Y-pipe, 3inch exhaust W/magnaflow
Full MSD ignition
AC Delco rapid fire sparkplugs
and a tune!!

spec steel flywheel W/ stage 2 clutch
T-56 W/ .5 overdrive, stage 2 rebuild and MGW shifter
aluminum driveshaft
4.11 geared rearend
so what do you think of my setup?
asked Jun 28, 2013 by kmdoza7 (170 points)

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