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Trying to restore an 89 Iroc z28

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I want to restore my 1989 iroc i had bought the car with 174k miles for $1500. It ran the owner said it had been sitting for a few years. so far ive changed the fuel pump, and after a few months of wondering why it would die out after a while running. changed #8 spark plug. and she fired right up I also replaced the distributor, and mass air flow sensor. what would you think would be a good thing to change after 174k miles. mabe waterpump, i also think my car needs to be timed. any advice????? im new to having an iroc but happy to have one
asked Sep 11, 2012 by (160 points)

1 Answer

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Sounds like you're going for more of a tune-up than restoration. If you just want to have it on the road and cruising soon then stick to the basics. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor (unless you got new ones with the distributor), change the oil and filter, maybe a trans fluid change, differential fluid, coolant flush. Set your tire pressures, toss in a new air filter, see how she runs! I wouldn't worry about the water pump unless it's leaking fluid from the weep hole, the old Chevy water pumps are actually pretty reliable.
answered Sep 13, 2012 by double agent (650 points)