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1989 Specific RPO code for iroc-z decals color????

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I bought a 1989 Camaro iroc-z Z28 RPO code. but someone painted and it now has blue decals on the door. They are towards the rear like the 1989 is supposed to. The car was painted a blue ish purple black. and i want to paint it original black. My question is how do i tell what the original decal colors were on a black 1989 iroc Z28 5.0 tpi
asked Sep 11, 2012 by (160 points)

2 Answers

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On a black car the decals were white and gray I believe. Not sure if there is a RPO code to tell you that info. I believe it was deteremined by the paint color.
answered Sep 19, 2012 by blue89irocz (1,960 points)
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Silver/Grey were a lot more common, but Blue was an option. I have seen pictures of factory stock cars with blue graphics (red was also an option on Black cars, but they were generally matched up with a red interior). Unfortunately, there is no real way of knowing which color your car orignally came with. I found RPO codes for 1989 Camaros, but they do not list the colors...


B60 Package, Graphic #1 N/A
B6Q Package, Graphic #2 N/A
B6R Package, Graphic #3 N/A
B6T Package, Graphic #4 N/A

Only colors listed are for exterior colors and particular parts that need to be color matched to the body, like the Aero Packages (spoiler and gfx)

So on that note... go with whatever color you want.
answered Sep 19, 2012 by devestator_x (580 points)