ECM/MemCal Part Numbers and Cross Reference

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Before we start thinking about programming our
own PROMs for tuning our rides, we need to know what we have (or want) to work
with.  Below is a list of ECM and MemCal part numbers GM used in certain
years and power teams.  If you want to know about your Firebird or other
year Camaros this topic doesn’t cover, check out and visit their FAQ’s.

We have references to V6 and 4 cylinder Camaros
for reference.  You will notice that, in some years, GM used the same ECM
for the V6 as well as the V8, but in others, they didn’t.  If you are in
the market for an ECM, this information may help you get a better deal.

Two key things to remember.  Some ECMs can
be used for either V6 or V8 applications, however, you must have a MemCal for
your specific engine and emissions options.  Some MemCals are
interchangeable between different V8s, as long as they use the same ECM and the
resistor packs are of the same part numbers (see below).

This is a MemCal (Memory Calibration Unit) with the
cover removed.  (Check out “Installing
the Moates memory adapter for 1986-1990 IROC-Zs
” in the Articles section for
details on where it resides and how to access and remove it.)  To the left,
is the PROM chip.  This particular ECM uses a 128 byte (16K) PROM chip.  The
center, smaller chip is one of two resistor packs (14-pin).  To the right
is the second of two resistor packs (16-pin).  These two smaller chips are
laser etched resistor packs that control start-up and limp mode controls.

Limp mode controls are essentially a backup code that the ECM can reference in
case something goes wrong with the PROM or other functions of the ECM that
prevents the vehicle from obtaining and computing usable data.  If you are
obtaining a spare MemCal to work with or find a great deal somewhere for one,
you should ensure that it’s from a V8 car, from the same ECM and have the same
resistor pack part numbers (located on each chip).


basically going over some markings and part number changes over the years based
on the Fiero.  Similar applies to ours.  Most of it refers to pre and
post 1994, but it also gives you more information in locating your part numbers
for your MemCal.

Please keep in mind that some data below may
not be complete.

ECM Part Numbers



Engine – Ltr (C.I.-Eng Code)

ECM Part No.
1992-90 6
3.1 Ltr. (189-T)
1992-90 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-F)
1992-90 8
5.7 Ltr. (350-8)
1989-87 6
2.8 Ltr. (173-S)
1989-87 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-F)
1989-87 8
5.7 Ltr. (350-8)
1987 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-H)
1986 4
2.5 Ltr. (151-2)
1986 6
2.8 Ltr. (173-S)
1986 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-F)
1986 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-G, H)
1985 4
2.5 Ltr. (151-2)
1985 6
2.8 Ltr. (173-S)
1985 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-F)
1985 8
5.0 Ltr. (305-G, H)

MemCal Part Numbers/PROM Codes


Engine Options and Emissions Designation



Prom Code(s)
1985 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Fed, Calif, A/C 1227739 2315HLK 2623CSU 3978HLK


1985 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Fed, Calif,
1227740 2352HLM 2488CSC 3800HLL


1986 5.0-F A/C, VD1,VE1 (Export) 16061103 1107BLL
1986 5.0-F A/C, VB4, BT7 (Export) 16061117 1120BLN
1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, A/C, 215/65/15 tires 1228290 3234ANY 8958AMU 8969ANB

8980ANY 8993AUM

1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, A/C, 235/60/15&16 tires 1228291 3236AUM 8958AMU 8969ANB

8980ANY 8993AUM

1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, Exc A/C, 215/65/15 tires 1228292 3240BTZ 8964ANA 8975AND

8987BTZ 8998AWC

1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, Exc A/C, 235/60/15&16 tires 1228293 3243AWC 8975AND 8987BTZ


1986 5.0-F VD1, VE1 Exc A/C (Export) 16059564 9567BUR
1986 5.0-F VB4, VT7 Exc A/C (Export) 16059576 9580BUT
1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, A/C, 3.42(GU6) 16059000 9004AWD
1986 5.0-F Fed, Calif, Exc A/C, 3.42(GU6) 16059006 9009AWF
1987 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) NM8 (Export) 16066043 6046ABBK
1987 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 2.73(GU2) 16068515 8517ABUN
1987 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Calif, 2.73(GU2) 16088558 8562ABUT
1987 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 3.23(GU5),
3.27(GW6) Exc Export(NM8)
16071097 1099ACXT
1987 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Calif, 3.23(GU5) 16071106 1108ACXW
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.08(GU4)
215/65/15 tires
16068578 4469AANR 8582ABUY
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.08(GU4) 16″tires 16071115 1117ACXY
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.45(GM3) 16071119 1122ACXZ
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.08(GU4)
215/65/15 tires
16071128 1130ACYB
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.08(GU4)16″tires 16071133 1135ACYC
1987 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.45(GM3) 16071137 1139ACYD
1987 5.7-8 A/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.27(GW6) 16068654 8656ABWN
1988 5.0-F A/Trans(M39) Fed, 2.73(GU2) 16082173 2174AKFM
1988 5.0-F A/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.23(GU5) 16082183 2184AKFP
1988 5.0-F A/Trans(M39) Calif, 2.73(GU2) 16082439 2440AKFZ
1988 5.0-F A/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.23(GU5) 16082448 2449AKHB
1988 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.08(GU4) 16082388 2389AKFT
1988 5.0-F M/Trans(MK6) Fed, 3.45(GM3) 16082422 2423AKFW 6423ANPJ
1988 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.08(GU4) 16082462 2463AKHF
1988 5.0-F M/Trans(MK6) Calif, 3.45(GM3) 16082470 2472AKHJ
1988 5.7-8 A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 2.77(GH3) 16075399 5400ABYA
1988 5.7-8 A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 3.27(GW6) 16083268 3269AKXX
1989 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 2.77(GH3),
16129297 9298ANYH
1989 5.0-F A/Trans(MD8) Calif, 2.77(GH3),
16129383 9384ANYZ
1989 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Fed, 3.08(GU4) 16129337 9338ANYR
1989 5.0-F M/Trans(MK6) Fed, 3.45(GM3) 16129349 9350ANYS
1989 5.0-F M/Trans(MK6) Calif, 3.45(GM3) 16129359 9360ANYT
1989 5.0-F M/Trans(M39) Calif, 3.08(GU4) 16129365 9366ANYU
1989 5.7-8 A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 2.77(GH3) 16129303 9303ANYJ
1989 5.7-8 A/Trans(MD8) Fed, 3.27(GW6) 16129307 9308ANYK

Resistor Pack Cross Reference
Ludis’ Home Page

14 Pin 16 Pin Year(s) Engine Options
ECM Sample
Prom Codes
16035010 16035011 1986 2.0-P
M/Trans, TBI (LQ5)
1227165 CRY, CRZ
16055375 16055376 1987-88 5.0-F TPI (LB9) 1227165
16055375 16055376 1987-88 5.7-8 TPI
1227165 ABYA
16057556 16057557 1987 2.0-1 TBI
16060898 16060900 1987-91 2.5-E Truck
16060898 16060900 1990 2.5-R TBI (LR8) 1227727 APTW
16060954 16060956 1987-89 2.8-W PFI


16060954 16060956 1989-90 3.1-T PFI (LH0) 1227727 ARCX, ARZW, ATSN, ATSP
16072665 16072667 1989 5.0-F TPI
16072665 16133420 1989 5.7-8 TPI
1227165 ARAR, AUJM
16080140 16080142
Austrailian V8
16087223 16087224 3.8
Austrailian V6
1227808 ATFY
16088733 16088735 1990-91 3.1-T PFI
1227730 AUAR, AUMY

10 Responses to “ECM/MemCal Part Numbers and Cross Reference”

  1. Lee Parmeter says:

    I am trying to find a prom for my 86 S-15. Number on the prom JM2532E/02667 computer 126864. Vin 1GTBS14E3G250476S. Any idea where I can find one? Thanks Lee Parmeter Biloxi, Ms

  2. Arturo Vallejo says:

    Buenas tardes una pregunta ando buscando un men-call Chevrolet para cavalier Z24 modelo 1991 Mexico no es USA. con terminacion de mem-call AWAK ..  o ECM  7730 incluido para ese modelo ya que han checado otro modelos y no funciona el coche …. espero sus comentarios …gracias

  3. Ray says:

    WOW…trying to identify a mem cal that was in a 1227730 ECM . the number is ARUN 9039 Delco sticker. I don't find it and no idea what it fits. I'm putting a TPI in my 49 Chev pick up and wiring it. But need to know if this Mem cal can be programmed?

  4. Dark knight says:

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  6. charles says:

    I have 86 Camaro 5.0 carb 5-speed ecm 1227169 parts # I need a prom for that computer.Please Help?


  7. Steve says:

    I need a Prom # for my Engine Control Computer , I have a 92′ Camaro 305 TPI engine .
    I need to replace the Control Computer & want to replace it with AC Delco instead of the After Market One that the guy i bought the car from put on it when he changed the engine to a TPI .
    Could you please contact me ASAP and give me the
    Control Computer Part # &
    Prom Code that I need to Replace this ?
    Thank You
    Steve 314-609-5023 or

  8. Mike says:

    I am using a 1985 5.0 TPI unit on a 350. I have a lean condition with the stock 17lb injectors and after trying 24 lb injectors it went way rich. I am thinking a different eprom might cure this. What number should I look for? I plan on going back to a 19lb injector. Any input would be appreciated, this is my daily driver and I am stuck until I get this solved.

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