1989 Camaro Specifications

1989 Camaro
Production: 42,729 V6; 68,010 V8; 110,739 total.
VIN Example: 1G1FP21SXKL100001 thru 1G1FP21SXKL210739
* Fifth digit is model level: P=Camaro (all models).
* Sixth digit is body style: 2=Hatchback Coupe, 3=Convertible
* Eighth digit is engine code: E=305ci V8 (LO3) F=305ci V8 (LB9) S=173ci V6 (LB8) 8=350ci V8 (L98)
* Ninth digit is check digit and varies.
* Tenth digit is model year: K=1989
* Eleventh digit is assembly plant code: L=Van Nuys
* Last six digits increased one for each car built.


Length: 192.0 inches Height: 50.3 inches Width: 72.8 inches Wheelbase: 101.0 inches

1989 Power Teams

RPO Config Bhp @ rpm Torque @ rpm Induction C/R CID/liters Applications
LB8 Ohv V6 135 @ 4900 160 @ 3900 MFI 8.9:1 173/2.8 RS*
LO3 Ohv V8 170 @ 4400 255 @ 2400 TBI 9.3:1 305/5.0 RS, IZ*
LB9 Ohv V8 195 @ 4000 295 @ 2800 TPI 9.3:1 305/5.0 IZ (w/a/t)
LB9 Ohv V8 225 @ 4400 295 @ 3200 TPI 9.3:1 305/5.0 IZ (w/man trans)
L98 Ohv V8 240 @ 4400 345 @ 3200 TPI 9.0:1 350/5.7 IZ (auto only)

* = base engine; TBI = throttle-body injection; TPI = tuned-port injection; MFI = multi-port fuel injection; RS = Rally Sport; IZ = IROC Z-28.

Engine Codes

AAD: 173ci, uu

ATA: 305ci, mt AWK: 350ci, at
AAF: 173ci, uu ATB: 305ci, mt AXY: 173ci, uu
ABL: 173ci, uu ATF: 305ci, at ZRA: 350ci, mt
AKH: 305ci, mt ATM: 305ci, at ZRB: 350ci, at
AKJ: 305ci, at AWA: 305ci, at ZRC: 350ci, at

Abbreviations: at = automatic transmission, ci = cubic inch, mt = manual transmission, uu = uncertain usage

Transmission Codes

5 Speed Manual – Warner Gear   700-R4 Automatic
Chevy #   RPO
10079857   MB1
10079855   MK6
10079856   M39
CID   Comments   Code
173   MD8   YX
305   MD8   YP
305   MD8   YW
305   MD8   YZ
350   MD8   FK
350   MD8   FX

Rear Axle Codes

6HB 3.08:1 6HP 2.73:1 8EW 3.45:1
6HE 2.73:1 6HT 2.73:1 9ER 3.45:1 Locking
6HF 3.08:1 8ET 2.77:1 9EQ 3.27:1 Locking
6HK 3.08:1 8EU 3.27:1 9ET 2.77:1 Locking
6HL 3.42:1

1989 Factory Options

RPO Description Qty Retail ($)
1FP87 Camaro RS Convertible 3,245 16,995.00
1FP87 Camaro IROC-Z Coupe 20,067 14,145.00
1FP87 Camaro IRCC-Z Convertible 3,940 18,945.00
1LE Special Performance Components Package 111 *
AG9 Power Seat, driver side 19,750 *
AM9 Seat Back, split folding rear 33,743 50.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 99,385 145.00
A01 Tinted Glass, all windows 110,502 *
A31 Power Windows 61,704 *
A90 Power Hatch Release 60,744 50.00
B2L Engine, 350ci, 230hp V8 (IROC-Z coupe only) 12,370 1,045.00
B34 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two front 99,638 *
B35 Floor Mats, carpet insert, two rear 99,638 *
B48 Luggage Compartment Trim, deluxe 23,150 164.00
B84 Moldings, body side 110,500 *
B91 Moldings, door edge (black) 22,801 15.00
CC1 Roof Panels, removable glass 44,595 866.00
CD4 Windshield Wipers, intermittent 99,531 *
C49 Defogger, rear window 59,559 145.00
C60 Air Conditioning 104,642 775.00
DX3 Decal and Stripe Delete (credit) 88,144 -60.00
D27 Cover, locking rear storage 17,912 80.00
D42 Cover, rear compartment cargo area 55,250 *
G80 Rear Axle, limited slip 30,856 100.00
G92 Rear Axle, performance (IROC-Z coupe only) 1,426 *
J65 Brakes, power front disc and rear disc 12,895 179.00
KC4 Cooler, engine oil (IROC-Z coupe only) 1,428 110.00
K05 Heater, engine block 4,070 20.00
K34 Speed Control, with resume 98,741 *
LB9 Engine, 305ci, 195hp (IROC-Z only) 8,925 745.00
LO3 Engine, 305ci, 170hp (RS Coupe) 46,715 400.00
MX0 Transmission, automatic with overdrive 87,857 490.00
N33 Tilt Steering Column 99,531 *
N96 Aluminum Wheels, 16 inch 16,449 468.00
QDZ Tires, P245/50VR16 blackwall 1,263 *
QLC Tires, P245/50ZR16 blackwall 15,186 *
QPH Tires, P215/65R15 all season blackwall 86,726 *
QYZ Tires, P215/65R15 blackwall 7,564 *
TR9 Lighting, auxiliary 103,112 *
TT4 Headlamps, halogen (4) 62,262 *
UA1 Battery, heavy duty 98,118 *
UL5 Radio, delete 43 -165.00
UM6 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, seek/scan 73,338 *
UM7 Radio, stereo, clock, seek/scan 6,076 *
UU8 Radio, stereo, Delco Bose, clock, seek/scan 4,532 *
UX1 Radio, stereo, cassette, clock, s/s, equalizer 24,153 *
U1C Radio, compact disc system with clock 2,597 *
U75 Power Antenna 13,075 70.00
YF5 Emission Equipment, required for California 17,757 100.00
FCAB RS Coupe Base Group - nc
FCA1 RS Coupe Group 1 - 255.00
FCA2 RS Coupe Group 2 - 1,687.00
FAC3 RS Coupe Group 3 - 2,014.00
CCAB RS Convertible Base Group - nc
CCA1 RS Convertible Group 1 - 206.00
CCA2 RS Convertible Group 2 - 1,638.00
CCA3 RS Convertible Group 3 - 1,873.00
FZAB IROC-Z Coupe Base Group - nc
FZA1 IROC-Z Coupe Group 1 - 255.00
FZA2 IRCC-Z Coupe Group 2 - 1,737.00
FZA3 IROC-Z Coupe Group 3 - 2,545.00
CZAB IROC-Z Convertible Base Group - nc
CZA1 IROC-Z Convertible Group 1 - 206.00
CZA2 IROC-Z Convertible Group 2 - 1,638.00
CZA3 IROC-Z Convertible Group 3 - 2,354.00

1989 Exterior & Interior Colors

Paint/WA Code Exterior Qty Models Interiors
23 / 9537 Medium Maui Blue (light) 7,269 Rs-Rsc Bk-G
40 / 8554 White 18,440 I-Ic-Rs-Rsc Bk-Br G-R
41 / 8555 Black 17,600 I-Ic-Rs,-Rsc Bk-Br G-R
74 / 9535 Flame Red (Dark Red) 16,697 I-Ic-Rs-Rsc Bk-Br-G-R
81 / 8774 Bright Red 26,509 I-Ic-Rs-Rsc Bk-Br-G-R
87 / 9243 Gunmetal (Med Gray) 7,906 Rs-Rsc BK-G-R
98 / 9591 Bright Blue 16,316 I-Ic-Rs-Rsc Bk-Br-G

Interior Codes: 19B = Bk-K, 19C = Bk-cc, 66B = Br-K, 66C = Br-cc, 662 = Br-le, 72B = R-sc, 72C = R-cc, 722 = R-le, 82B = G-sc, 82C = G-cc, 822 = G-le.
Abbreviations: Bk = Black, Br = Light Brown, cc = custom cloth, G = Gray, I = IROC Coupe, Ic = IROC Convertible, le = leather, R = Red, RS = RS Coupe, Rsc = RS Convertible, sc = standard cloth.

1989 IROC-Z Special Performance Package

[Image not available]

Other Views:
Engine: Base engine was LG4 305 w/ 4 barrel Quadrajet. Dual exhaust.
Clutch: 10.34 inches
Rear Axle: Positraction (G80) mandatory when equipped with 4 wheel disc brakes.
Brakes: J65 4 wheel disc brakes available.
Suspension: Stiffer bracing and bushing material than base Camaro.
58/32 N/mm Front/Rear Spring Rate (SC = 58/18, F41 = 58/18)
31/21 mm Front/Rear Sway bar diameter (SC = 27/12, F41 = 29/12)
Steering: 7 ply-joint vs 4 ply in base Camaro improves rag joint stiffness and offers better angular deflection. Recirculating-ball power steering with fast 12.7:1 ratio, plus limited boost to improve road feel.
Wheels & Tires: 5 spoke aluminum 15 x 7 inch. Goodyear P215/65R-15 white letter , steel belted radials.
Other options, equipment, facts: Modified McPhearson Strut, Special chassis bracing. Full Instrumentation. Special front fascia with integral airdam. Ground effects rockers.
Total Production:

Last updated: 8/12/1998
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: iracez28@alltel.net

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17 Responses to “1989 Camaro Specifications”

  1. Jeff Clearwater says:

    I have a 1989 Camaro IROC Z28 convertible. The main RPO code is 1FP67. You show it should be 1FP87. Why the discrepancy? I lost the sale of this car over this.

  2. Jeremy Hardee says:

    what is the top speed and do they have a govern on them irocz convertable and what are good performance parts

  3. ditri steen says:

    well i have a 1989 iroc-z with T-Tops and i have found that " Edelbrok" proformance parts work great with everday use…. the also handle heat very well. i have converted my camaro from a TPI system to a 4 barrel Edelbrok Cab. with a High Proformance Edelbrok Intake and it works really good… the top speeds do vary from a 305 to 350… but i do believe the top speed for the 305 is about 126 mph. but that was on a 1/4 mile track.. and the 350 is about 133 mph but this was run down the highway               ( highly not reccomended). there are some sites that state top speeds and other specs but they are all different.. so if i were you i would just find out for my self.

  4. I have read you statement…You sound as though you have great knowledge of the 1989 iroc…I am trying to find info for my father…He has a 1989 iroc..t-top. We purchased a code reader, trying to find why this car will not start.  He gets fuel  pressure from the tank to fuel rail, still will not start. Plugs will fire,   still the car  will not  start. He changed switch on transmittion and will not start…Where will the ECM  be located on this car? and can you offer any suggestions?

  5. David De Board says:

    I also have a 1989 Camaro IROC Z Z28 convertible. The main RPO code is 1FP67. You show it should be 1FP87. Why the discrepancy with your specs?  VIN starts with 1G1FP31F5KL________.  It's got the right VIN for the convertable body style, but your main CID is not the same as others in the real world.  please clarify when 1FP87 was used, and when 1FP167 was used. . . .

  6. Mark says:

    Like jeff mine says 1fp31. What does this mean??

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  8. victor says:

    Its the anti theft system. … the relay is in the driver kick panel. Cut and connect to bypass. Need to change lock cylinder or measure resistance of pellet. In key. Build using resistors. To within +- 1% install in connector / engine side under column in orange. Tubing. Good. Luck

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    1fp21 what’s this mean I didn’t find it above thanks.

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    Never mind found it thanks

  13. hugo says:

    Excelente información, siempre he dicho que con información correcta, suficiente y concreta hace muchas cosas.. gracias!!

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  17. Clyde ODonnell says:

    I have a set of 15″ five spoke aluminum Camaro wheels. The rim width on two of the wheels is about 1/2″ narrower. I have been told they were made for the Iroc Z. On one spoke on the narrow wheels it says “front” Can you tell me anything about them?

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