1989 Camaro Rear Axle / Gear Specifications and Availability

1989 Rear Axle / Gear Specifications and Availability

Axle Code

Axle Ratio

Axle Type

6HT 2.73:1 Posi
6HP 2.73:1 Standard
6HB, 6HF 3.08:1 Posi
6HK 3.08:1 Standard
6HL 3.42:1 Standard
6HQ, 6HJ 3.23:1 Posi
GH3* 2.77:1 Posi
GW6* 3.27:1 Posi
GM3* 3.45:1 Posi

* Borg-Warner


  • The code to identify your axle gear is located on the front

    face of the right hand axle tube about three inches from the differential cover.  The

    axle code is the first three digits of this code.  (i.e. 6HF 0 103 2

    = 3.08:1 Posi rear axle). 

  • Axle Ratio is based on drive shaft rotations to rear wheel or

    axle rotations.  (i.e. if the axle ratio of your differential is 2.73:1, this would

    mean that your driveshaft turns 2.73 times to every one complete turn of the rear wheel or


  • Limited Slip is another term used to identify positive

    traction rear axles.

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