1986 Camaro Camshaft Data

1986 Camshaft Data

(Engine Code)



Trans GM Part
Lift Duration*


Arm Ratio
Int Exh Int Exh
LG4 (H)

8-305 (5.0L)

Carb All N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
L69 (G)

8-305 (5.0L)

Carb (HO) All 14088843 .403 .415 202 206 114.5 115/-114
LB9 (F)

8-305 (5.0L)

TPI AT 14094097 .350 .385 178 194 109.0 106/-112

*Duration at 0.050" Lift, not Advertised Duration

MT=Manual Transmission; AT=Automatic Transmission; Int=Intake; Exh=Exhaust; CID=Cubic Inch Displacement

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Information from Thirdgen.org

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  1. tommy bryant says:

    thank you for the info. i am thing about buying a excact replica of the engine that is in my sons 1986 i-rocz. i rebuild the top end but i got ripped off big time and nobody wants to do the work i pay to do. so im looking for a good place to buy the excact same engine with the same cam and heads rebuilt of course

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